Collaborize Classroom: Keep This Fabulous Engagement Tool Advertisement Free

After spending the last 3 weeks up to my elbows in digital stories and digital portfolios, I am finally done! I have submitted all 172 grades and turned in my keys for the summer. As I reflect about my successes this year and the tools that have transformed both my teaching and my students’ learning, Collaborize Classroom is still at the top of my favorite tech tools list!

Collaborize has allowed me to transition from solitary pen and paper homework assignments to dynamic online discussions where every student in my class has an equal and valued voice. Many of my quietest students said that Collaborize gave them an opportunity to share their ideas and engage with their peers for the first time.

I wanted to spread the word about the Collaborize Classroom Indiegogo Campaign that is aimed at keeping this awesome tool free of advertisements! Collaborize Classroom has been free for the last 3 years. It wants to remain that way without relying on advertisements to pay the costs of maintaining the discussion platform. They are using “the same model that’s worked for public television and national public radio – periodic public sponsorship drives, until the revenues from product can make Collaborize Classroom self-sufficient. After all, we all benefit from success in education, whether or not we currently have kids in school.”

If you have not explored Collaborize yet, I would suggest checking it out this summer! I absolutely love it!

My end of the year evaluation asked students “Which piece of technology did you like using the most?” Here is what a few of my students had to say about Collaborize Classroom:

“I loved using Collaborize classroom. It is an intuitive, simple, easy to use site that I find helpful in it’s laid out format. Please continue doing Collaborize Classroom.”

“Collaborize Classroom was neat because we could go on post our opinion or thoughts and then comment and talk to other students.”

“I liked using Collaborize  Classroom because it helped me get out of my bubble and it’s easier to see what the whole point of the homework assignment was by looking at my peers responses.”

“Collaborize Classroom was a great tool and I feel it helped me be prepared for many things in your classroom.”

“Collaborize classroom! It was so fun to post your thoughts and then see and comment on your peers postings! Also, it helped me improve majorly in my analytical abilities. Another piece of tech I loved was the online annotating, it is going to help SO much in college!”

“Collaborize, I felt like we could finally talk to each other and agree on things, and it let the non social people have a voice.”

Please spread the word to anyone in education who can help keep this incredible education technology tool free from advertisements!

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