Collaborative Lessons that are Common Core Ready!

I’ve been using online discussions for years to extend conversations, collaboration and learning beyond the walls of my classroom. Now, they are a cornerstone of my approach to blended learning. Online discussions are transformative because they:

    • allow for an equity of voice that isn’t possible in real time.
    • encourage students to share a variety of perspectives.
    • build community to complement face-to-face interactions.
    • improve retention and understanding.
    • create opportunities for modeling and peer-to-peer learning.
    • teach online communication skills necessary to success beyond school.

As educators transition to the Common Core Standards, it is crucial that we use the online space to engage students in meaningful tasks that teach communication, collaboration, reading and writing skills.

I’m excited to share Collaborize Teachers Guide – Common Core Ready: English Literature, Grades 9-12 (Kindle version) with other English teachers looking to integrate dynamic online discussions and asynchronous collaboration into their curriculum.


Available on Amazon & Teachers Pay Teachers

This ebook has lessons aligned to the Common Core Standards for five of the most popular texts taught at the high school level. I designed the lessons to ensure they target a range of specific Common Core Standards and cultivate a variety of skills at one time. The lessons use a variety of question types, as well as media, to drive interest and engagement. My hope is that these lessons will yield the same types the dynamic, academic discussions I’ve been enjoying for years!

The online topic-based lessons are launched right from this ebook. When you select a collaborative lesson in the Teacher’s Guide, it will either instantly appear in that teacher’s private Collaborize Classroom site or is made available as a stand-alone lesson. These stand-alone lessons have their own unique URLs, which can then be integrated seamlessly into almost any digital environment, LMS, blog, or assignments page. All a student needs is Internet access and a browser. The lessons can also be accessed by students on almost any mobile device.

I had the pleasure of writing and curating these lessons, but future Collaborize Teacher’s Guides will offer lessons aligned to the Common Core for a range of subject areas and grade levels written and curated by other inspiring educators.

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3 Responses to Collaborative Lessons that are Common Core Ready!

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  2. Bret Biornstad says:

    Anything like this for grades 3-5?

    • Not yet, Bret. Collaborize is planning to publish a collection of eBooks for different grade levels and subject areas with lessons aligned to the Common Core. I will post a blog and tweet out when there are others available!

      Take care.


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