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Shakespeare Soundtrack Project

In my last blog postĀ “Don’t Just Read Shakespeare, Perform It!”, I encouraged other teachers to have students perform Shakespeare’s plays instead of simply reading them. I want students to enjoy Shakespeare, but I also want them to think about why … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Read Shakespeare, Perform It!

Shakespeare’s plays are a staple in high schools across the country. Unfortuntately, when most students hear the name “Shakespeare” they react with a mixture of dread and anxiety. They worry they won’t “get it” and chances are they won’t get … Continue reading

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Fun Assessment for Silent Sustained Reading

My 90 minute English class begins with 15 minutes of silent sustained reading every day. I prioritize this time becauseĀ I know students won’t love every book we read as part of our curriculum. I want to give them the opportunity … Continue reading

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