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Shakespeare Trivia with Remind101

At the start of our Othello unit, I wanted to get my students excited about Shakespeare. This is no small task as most high school students cringe and recoil when they hear the name William Shakespeare. They assume they will … Continue reading

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Research Meets Gamification With A Google A Day

As with any skill, research takes practice. The more students search, the better they will become at finding what they need online. I use A Google a Day to “gamify” research in my classroom. After I present tips for searching … Continue reading

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An Experiment: Badging & The Pursuit of Mastery

My article “Five Musts for Mastery” was published by ASCD and explores how educators can leverage technology to support students on their individual roads toward mastery. I was quick to point out that “the term mastery creates this illusion that we can … Continue reading

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TED Active: The Talks & My Thoughts

In the last three days, I have heard over 20 TED Talks delivered by articulate speakers on a wide range of topics. As a teacher and professional development facilitator, I was definitely thinking about each talk in the context of … Continue reading

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TED Active: Creating Collaborative Spaces

TED Active officially begins today! It’s thrilling to know that in a couple of hours I will be watching TED Talks and chatting about those talks with the diverse collection of people attending TED Active. I’ve spent the morning wandering … Continue reading

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Now Your Google Docs Can Do More with Add-ons!

Last night, I was working on a chapter for my newest book Using Web 2.0 Technology to Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards and noticed a little red “New” sign at the top of my Google doc.  I was intrigued and decided … Continue reading

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Holocaust Journals & The Power of Connecting Classrooms

Ever since I attended the Google Teacher Academy in 2012 I have wanted to use Google apps to connect with other classrooms. This year I finally did it! I collaborated with Megan Ellis — a 7th grade English teacher in … Continue reading

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Google Docs: Which Workflow Works for You?

On Twitter this week I was asked how I manage Google docs with so many students. I realized there are several different answers to this question. I wanted to share a few different workflow options for managing Google documents when … Continue reading

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Common Core & Reading Ready: Preparing for SBAC

Like most educators, I am hearing A LOT about preparing students for the Common Core assessments. In California, students in 3-8 and 11th grade will be required to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) starting in the 2014-2015 school year. I recommend … Continue reading

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Collaborative Lessons that are Common Core Ready!

I’ve been using online discussions for years to extend conversations, collaboration and learning beyond the walls of my classroom. Now, they are a cornerstone of my approach to blended learning. Online discussions are transformative because they: allow for an equity … Continue reading

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