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Common Core Reading Resource: Smithsonian Tween Tribune

Interested in more technology tips to help you teach the Common Core? My book Creatively Teach the Common Core Literacy Standards with Technology will be published in June 2015 by Corwin. Just in time for summer reading! I’m always on the … Continue reading

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Google Drive: The Basics

For teachers who are just getting started with Google, Google Drive can be intimidating! In preparation for a Google training, I’ve put together a short explanation of Google Drive and its basic features. Although an increasing number of people have a … Continue reading

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New Tradition: Family Reading Time

Most of my blog posts are inspired by the work I do with my high school students. This post is inspired by my own children–ages 6 and 7. My children attend a Spanish immersion school, where they receive 90% of … Continue reading

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Teach Students How to Manage YouTube Comments

When students share their ideas and work online, they are taking a risk. As soon as they share a YouTube video or post a comment online, they open themselves up to possible ridicule and unkind remarks. I wish I could … Continue reading

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TED Ed Clubs: Students Spreading Great Ideas

I’m a huge fan of TED Talks! TED presenters weave together stories and information skillfully to engage their audiences. They have clearly rehearsed their material, yet the delivery is natural and, as a result, their ideas are compelling. I want … Continue reading

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Transform Your Classroom into a Makerspace

As finals approached this year, I had a desire to do something different. In the past I’ve had students write a timed five-paragraph argument essay about whether Montag, from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, is a conformist or nonconformist. My students … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Keep Students Learning When Extreme Weather Strikes

Yesterday Northern California was hit by massive storm. My school was closed because of weather for the first time in my teaching career. I know this is a fairly regular occurrence in colder climates; however, it’s a new situation for … Continue reading

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Voxer: Have Fun with Speaking & Listening

This week I was invited to join an ongoing conversation with a small group of English teachers using Voxer. Voxer is a live messaging app that combines the functionality of the classic walkie talkie with texting and photo sharing capabilities. Users … Continue reading

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MindShift’s Guide to Digital Games & Learning

Digital games and their place in the educational landscape has been a hotly debated issue. Despite the debate, one thing is clear, students love games. If educators can capitalize on that interest and excitement, games can become a powerful vehicle … Continue reading

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The Truth Is I Almost Quit Teaching

Before technology, I was so disillusioned with the teaching profession I remember thinking, “Have I chosen the wrong career?” When I began to experiment with technology, my reality as a teacher changed so dramatically that now I cannot imagine doing … Continue reading

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