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Trading in Traditional Notebooks for Multimedia Blogs

Look familiar? For years I’ve watched students lug cumbersome binders to each class–dutifully take notes and collecting large quantities of paper. I’ve often wondered how useful these binders are and how often students sift through their papers to review information. This … Continue reading

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Who is doing the work in your classroom?

Who does the following tasks in your classroom: Plans daily lessons Teaches or facilitates each lesson Designs projects Troubleshoots technology hiccups Assesses student work Communicates with parents about student progress If the answer to most of these questions is you, … Continue reading

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Unlearning Everything I Was Taught About Teaching

When I left credential school 16 years ago, I had very specific ideas about teaching and learning. Some of these preconceived notions were based on my own experience as a student then reinforced in credential school. So, this is what I … Continue reading

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