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Podcast: Diving into Technology & Blended Learning

Check out my conversation with the lovely ladies who host CNUSDEchat podcast, which is officially launching February 1st! We had the opportunity to chat about blended learning, flexible classroom spaces, and the importance of placing students at the center of learning! … Continue reading

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Blend Online and In-class Discussions to Give Every Student a Voice

“When I engage in dialogue, I recognize that those I speak with are equal to me, and I work from the assumption that they hold within them wisdom, knowledge, ideas, and gifts.” That line from Jim Knight’s book Unmistakable Impact highlights … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Custom Search Engine

When I work with elementary teachers, one of the biggest concerns I hear about is the fear of what students will find online. Teachers know it’s important to teach students how to search effectively, evaluate website credibility, and cite their … Continue reading

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