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Teaching & Assessing Soft Skills

The career landscape is changing dramatically. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average worker currently holds ten different jobs before the age of forty. This requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. Students who leave high school … Continue reading

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Borrowing a Powerful Brainstorm Protocol from IDEO

This summer I spent a week at IDEO in San Francisco learning about design thinking and their process for tackling challenges. While I was there, I observed a team brainstorm and was shocked by their results. Like most teachers, I … Continue reading

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6 Shifts to Maximize Productivity and Happiness

This year I’ve decided to pursue my doctorate at Pepperdine University. It is a blended program with a mix of face-to-face and online learning, which is obviously perfect for this blended learning enthusiast! My program will allow me to continue¬†teaching … Continue reading

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