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Maker Movement: Let Them Build it & They’ll Learn! 4/27/14

ISTE and the Common Core in Action 4/20/14

Shakespeare Trivia with Remind101 4/14/14

Research Meets Gamification With A Google A Day 4/7/14

An Experiment: Badging & The Pursuit of Mastery  3/27/14

TED Active: The Talks & My Thoughts 3/20/14

TED Active: Creating Collaborative Spaces 3/17/14

Now Your Google Docs Can Do More with Add-ons! 3/12/14

Holocaust Journals & The Power of Connecting Classrooms 3/4/14

Google Docs: Which Workflow Works for You? 2/19/14

Common Core & Reading Ready: Preparing for SBAC 2/3/14

Collaborative Lessons That Are Common Core Ready! 1/23/14

My Favorite Mobile Apps #2: Socrative (+Lesson Ideas) 1/14/14

Favorite Mobile App #1: Google Search 1/8/14

5 Tips for Managing Mobile Devices in the Classroom 1/6/13

Top 13 moments of 2013 12/28/13

Club Academia: Videos for Students by Students 12/16/13

Getting Started with Google Forms 12/6/13

Citelighter: Research, Write & Cite 11/22/13

Student Created Infographics: Process & Products 11/14/13

Common Core: Students Explore Academic Vocabulary 10/28/13

Beyond SAMR: The Teacher’s Journey to Technology Integration 10/21/13

StudySync – Public Radio Listen Edition Blasts! 10/16/13

5 Ideas for Using Google Presentations with Students (*Bonus Videos Included) 9/27/13

Talking Blended Learning with Bedley Bros 9/19/13

20% Philosophy Meets Blogging 9/12/13

BYOD: The Benefits of Embracing Diversity 9/4/13

Google Docs: Grading Tips & Tricks 8/28/13

If This Then That…Connecting Tech Tools & Saving Time 8/22/13

Common Core: Teaching Argument & Informational Paragraph Writing 8/7/13

Teach Informational Texts Alongside The Literature You Love 7/16/13

Digital Portfolios: Revise, Reflect & Publish 7/6/13

What will the story of education be? Who will write it? 6/27/13

Common Core: 3 Book Building Apps for K-12 6/25/13

Common Core: Evaluating the Credibility of Digital Sources 6/20/13

Padlet: Create a Virtual Wall & Engage Your Students 6/9/13

Collaborize Classroom: Keep This Fabulous Engagement Tool Advertisement Free 6/5/13

Class Evaluations: Ask Students How You’re Doing 5/22/13

Getting Started with Google Sites 5/16/13

Discovering Chrome Web Store! 5/8/13

Digital Storytelling: Get Creative with the Common Core 5/3/13

Using Voice Comments with Google Docs for End of the Year Projects 4/25/13

Crowdsourcing Information in the Classroom 4/18/13

Common Core: Reading, Understanding & Analyzing Complex Texts 4/9/13

CUE Conference Keynote: Common Core – Transforming Teaching & Learning 4/4/13

Common Core: What Is A “Complex Text” Anyway? 4/2/13

The Teacher’s Guide To Using Video (Just Published by MindShift!) 3/26/13

My Technology Philosophy: LMS vs. Tool Belt  3/18/13

Synchronous Editing with Google Docs to Teach the Common Core 3/7/13

Instagram Scavenger Hunt 2/25/13

FormEmailer: Send Emails Directly from Spreadsheets 2/19/13

PBL Made Easy With Blended Learning 2/14/13

See you at ISTE 2013! 2/11/13

LCD Projectors: Create Relevance, Capture Attention & Connect to Resources 2/5/13

Discussions: Shifting Students from Passive Observers to Active Participants 1/29/13

TodaysMeet: The Beauty of the Backchannel 1/22/13

Infographics: Transforming the Traditional Research Paper & Addressing Common Core Standards 1/15/13

With the New Year Comes New Resolve to Continue Learning 1/3/13

Animoto: Celebrate the Holidays & Your Students! 12/18/12

Socrative Space Races: Test Preparation That’s Fun! 12/2/12

Exploring Word Choice and Cultural Identity 11/19/12

TED-ED: Creating a Flipped Lesson 11/9/12

YouTube Summit: Educational Content Worth Exploring 10/29/12

Vocabulary Lessons: Flipped Collaborative & Student Centered 10/16/12

Common Core Standards: Teaching Argument Writing 10/9/12

Techy Teacher Tuesday: Offer Free PD on Your Campus 9/30/12

Back-to-School Night 2.0  9/25/12

Back-to-School Bus Tour Panel with Arne Duncan 9/15/12

Flipped Classroom: 5 Strategies to Flip & Engage 9/8/12

Teaching Communication is the Key 8/25/12

1st Day of School: Inspire, Support and Beat the Boredom 8/19/12

Recent Conversations About Blended Learning 8/9/12

To Tweet or Not to Tweet With Students, That Is the Question 7/23/12

Tech Tools Perfect for Teaching Common Core Math Standards 7/18/12

Writing with Google Docs: Foster Collaboration & Creation (While Addressing Common Core) 7/2/12

Give Your Low Tech Class a Mobile Makeover with 5 Awesome Apps! 6/21/12

Blended Learning: Is the New Definition Alienating Teachers? 6/2/12

Making the Most of Google Docs: Tips & Lesson Ideas 5/21/12

11 Tech Tools to Teach the Common Core Standards 5/8/12

Flipped Classroom: Beyond the Videos 4/30/12

The Rumors Are True: Google Drive Was Introduced Today 4/24/12

Google Search: 10 Questions & Answers to Help You Search Smarter! 4/16/12

Google Teacher Academy: Initial Reflections 4/10/12

Sneak Peek at “Blended Learning in Grades 4-12: Leveraging the Power of Technology…” 3/31/12

Here’s What I Learned at CUE 2012 3/19/12

Presenting at CUE Conference 2012 in Palm Springs 3/14/12

Career Exploration Project: Get Students Thinking About Life After School 3/9/12

What’s More Exciting Than Attending the Academy Awards? Attending the Google Teacher Academy! 2/27/12

Technology in Education: From Lecture to Lattice 2/13/12

SCAN + Collaborize Classroom = Synergy! 2/8/12

8 Web Tools That Make Writing Fun! 1/26/12

Top 10 Reasons that Blended Learning is Worth the Hype! 1/3/12

5 Student-Driven Projects That Engage Higher-Level Thinking Skills 12/12/11

5 Awesome & Easy-To-Use Education Apps for Mobile Devices 12/7/11

Online Book Clubs: Develop a Culture of Reading on Your Campus! 11/28/11

Thanksgiving Discussion Topics 11/21/11

 12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach! 11/7/11

Digital Storytelling: Funky Fairytales 10/21/11

Steve Jobs, Technology & Education 10/11/11

Occupy Wall Street – Day 20: Are Your Students Talking About It? 10/5/11 

UARS Satellite Falls to Earth: Use Current Events to Inspire Discussion & Writing 9/25/11

The Great Gatsby – Free Collection of Lessons, Discussion Questions & Writing Assignments 9/20/11

Fighting Engagement Deficit Disorder 9/15/11

Icebreakers: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em? 8/31/11

QR Codes and Student Centered Learning 8/21/11

5 Reasons Teachers Should Create a PLN Now! 8/3/11

Not Mathematically Minded, But Exploring Math in New Ways 7/21/11

Blog Talk Radio Interview on Blended Learning! 7/8/11

ISTE 2011: Birds of a Feather Session Highlights 7/5/11

Flip Your Classroom with Online Discussions! 6/20/11

ISTE 2011: Unlocking Potential with Online Discussions 6/14/11

Student Reflections on 2010-2011 6/7/11

Blended Learning Book: Chapter 12 Excerpt 5/23/11

Students Become the Teachers 5/20/11

Great Resource: Jennifer Hofmann’s Article on Blended Learning! 5/12/11

Not Education Reform; Education Transform 5/7/11

Excerpt from Chapter 11: Effectively Differentiate Instruction with Online Discussions 4/30/11

Professional Development: How to Engage Students Online, Increase Participation, & Improve Discussions 4/28/11

May 2-6th: Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! 4/26/11

Excerpt from Chapter 10: Art of Asking Questions 4/20/11

Flipping Discussions to Teach Digital Writing! 4/14/11

Teaching Digital Writing in the Digital Divide 4/13/11

Excerpt from Chapter 7: Building an Online Community 4/8/11 

April is National Poetry Month: Celebrate with Dynamic Online Discussions! 4/6/11 

Having Fun Writing Sonnets 4/2/11

Excerpt from Chapter 6: Creating and Maintaining a Safe Space Online 3/28/11 

Excerpt from Chapter 5: Defining Your Role as Facilitator 3/22/10 

Excert from Chapter Four: Choosing a Learning Platform that is “Just Right” for You 3/18/10

School Districts are Running Out of Options 3/16/10

 Raise Awareness About Nutrition with a Dynamic Discussion! 3/15/10

Group Deconstruction of an Essay Topic! 3/8/10

Michelle Rhee- Moves Education Reform Crusade to Sacramento 3/4/10 

Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century 2/28/10

Culminating Discussions for Black History Month 2/25/11

How Are You Celebrating Read Across America Day? 2/22/11

Excerpt from Chapter 3: Discussions are Critical to Learning 2/17/11

CATE Conference 2011: Never More Crucial 2/14/11

Excerpt from Chapter Two: Why Was I So Afraid of Technology? 2/7/11

Khan Academy Offers Awesome Embed Opportunities with Collaborize Classroom! 1/31/11

Disruptive Innovation: New Frontiers in Education 1/30/11

 Ranking Teacher Credential Programs: Technology Standard Didn’t Make the List 1/26/11 

Professional Development: Does It Directly Impact Students? 1/22/11

Teacher vs. Computer: Showdown for the Future of Education? 1/21/11 

My Book on Blended Learning Begins! 1/17/11

Collaborize Classroom: Students Take On The Role of Facilitator in Online Discussions! 1/14/11

Published in SIGilt: Blended Learning Helps Creative Writing Skills Soar! 1/11/11

Does Going Paperless Mean I Have to Trade in My Books? 1/9/11

Differentiated Instruction: What Is It? Why Is It Important? How Can Technology Help? 1/5/11

New Year Opportunities 1/1/11

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Let School Budget Cuts Get You Down! 12/29/10 

Is the Government’s National Education Technology Plan Realistic? 12/29/10

Overthrow of the Gatekeepers: Authors Choose to Self-Publish 12/26/10

MindShift Top Ten Stories of the Year Mentions My Blog! 12/24/10

 10 Creative Ways to Beat Budget Cuts in Education 12/20/10

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts: Online Communication and Cyber Bullying 12/17/10

Cyber Bullying Workshops in Northern California 12/13/10

Where Did the Semester Go? 12/10/10

Blended Learning Demystified 12/8/10

Students Have More “Ah-ha!” Moments with Blended Learning 12/2/10

 Could a Blended Learning Model Offer Teachers a Much Needed Life Raft? 11/29/10

 How Do You Define Innovation? 11/22/10

 Blended Learning Model: Gives Students Time to Think 11/19/10

 Personal Question Produces Surprising Results 11/17/10

 Students: The Barometer for Success 11/10/10

 Learning to Let Go with Challenge Based Learning 11/8/10

 Monster Mash Up: Halloween In-Class Activity 10/28/10

 Got Credibility? 10/27/10

 Are Teachers Up for the Technology Challenge? 10/25/10

 Powerful Peer Editing Online 10/18/10

 The First Time in 9 Years of Teaching… 9/26/10

Let Maya Angelou Speak Directly to Your Students with Multimedia Embeds 8/24/10

 Beginning a blog… 8/5/10



4 Responses to Blog Post Index

  1. Victoria Mackin says:

    I have used some of your Pride and Prejudice lessons and really enjoyed them. I would love to see what other materials you may have.

    • Hi Victoria,

      I assume those were in the Collaborize Classroom Library. I have hundreds of topics archived there. If you search my name, you should see lessons on a lot of other titles.

      Take care.


  2. Terri Hughes says:

    Hi Catlin,

    I am curious how many days a week you have flipped assignments for your students. Is it daily? weekly? every couple of weeks? I’m just trying to get a handle on and a plan in place so that I can make quick progress next year.

    Terri Hughes
    6th Grade Teacher
    Campbell Middle School

    • Hi Terri,

      I flip my vocabulary instruction every other week throughout the year. At the start of the year, I also flip my writing instruction. During Writing Bootcamp, my students watch a video or two each week on writing for homework. Then we use class time to practice.


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