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Create Your Own Custom Search Engine

When I work with elementary teachers, one of the biggest concerns I hear about is the fear of what students will find online. Teachers know it’s important to teach students how to search effectively, evaluate website credibility, and cite their … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution: I’m Moving ALL Assessment into the Classroom

I don’t typically make “pie in the sky” New Year’s resolutions, but This may sound like a crazy resolution given that most teachers spend hours of time outside of school assessing their students’ work. However, there are three reasons I’d … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Consider a Co-teaching Model

This year I transitioned from teaching English classes in isolation to co-teaching English, science, and technology with another teacher in a pilot program called N.E.W. School. When I initially pitched the program concept to my principal, I emphasized the co-teaching component. … Continue reading

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