Beginning a blog…

Blogging is a phenomenon that I have only now, after years of reading blogs written by other people, decided to embrace. I always assumed that I would not have the time to blog and even if I did, who would I want to read my blog? Then I had a moment this summer as I prepared for a new school year that it clicked. I could use a blog to share ideas, lesson plans, activities, etc.  Teachers, myself included, often lament that they do not have the time to collaborate, brainstorm, or share their best practices.

In credential school every professor I had warned, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.” So, I have decided to use this blog as a vehicle for sharing my favorite lessons as well reflecting on the challenges, successes, issues and ideas I have in relation to my classroom.

My goal is twofold: I want to be a resource for other teachers and I want to grow as an instructor through the act of writing and reflecting.

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