Monster Mash Up: Halloween In-Class Activity

Monster Mash Up: Halloween In-Class Activity

new halloween clipart image: a cute green zombie costume

*Italics = teacher instructions

The description of this assignment can be put on a transparency to display for the whole class to read as you progress through the activity. Then allow students to write/draw on white construction paper.

Before beginning, remind students to put their names on the back lower left corner of each sheet of paper as they go through the activity! They should also be absolutely quiet during this activity as talking can jeopardize the outcome.

Step One: Think of the scariest, most terrifying monster, villain, or creature imaginable. Spend 5 minutes silently describing the monster from head to toe in writing (on a piece of white construction paper). Focus on describing in detail the monster’s features, clothing, and body parts. Describe colors, shapes, size/proportions, numbers/amounts, etc. The more sensory details you include the better!

After 5 minutes, collect the written descriptions and put aside. Then pass out another sheet of white paper. Remind students to write their names on the back lower left corner. Ask students to draw the monster, villain, or creature they have described in detail. They should replicate their description exactly.

Step Two: Spend 5 minutes drawing the monster, villain or creature you have described following your description EXACTLY. Use the correct colors, shapes, proportions, etc… as outlined in your description. Even if you are not an artist, do your best to represent the monster you have described!

After 5 minutes, collect the drawings and set them aside. Pass out the written descriptions from Step One so each student gets another student’s description. They should then try to draw the picture being described. Emphasize the importance of replicating the details exactly.

Step Three: In SILENCE, read the description of the monster you were given. Take your time and read every detail! Then spend 5 minutes drawing the monster, villain or creature being described. You must rely on the quality of details in the description. If you talk, you will be disqualified! Remember to include all the details described in the written description.

After 5 minutes collect the drawings. Place all of the drawings from Step One in one section of the room, then place all drawings from Step Three in another section of the room so both are visible. Teacher attempts to match the drawings. The closest match wins extra credit!

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  1. Catlin says:

    This is an activity I learned about in credential school ten years ago, but have never been able to find online. I recreated it with my students and use it every year. They love the break from the normal routine for Halloween, which is a distracted day anyway. They do not realize that embedded in the activity is the practice of using effective sensory details. The students who win are always the ones who write detailed descriptions of their monsters, then read the descriptions they are given carefully.

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