March 2, 2011: Read Across America Day & Dr. Seuss‘ Birthday

JuliaIn her article “Planning for Read Across America Day!” Ruth Manna encourages teachers to prepare special activities to celebrate this day dedicated to the joy of reading.

I teach 9th and 10th graders, but something about Manna’s idea to invite students to bring sleeping bags, books, and snacks resonated with me. I dedicate 15 minutes to silent sustained reading each day and read children’s books out loud during story time regularly, but the idea of spending a full 90 minute period reading for pleasure intrigued me.  How would my academic students react? Would they enjoy an unconventional celebration of books, literature, reading? Would they think I was crazy or would they surprise themselves and enjoy the opportunity to read? I have NO idea how this will be received, but I am excited to try it!

Below are some great resources for any teacher interested in celebrating Read Across America Day with their students:

The National Education Association has ideas for creating a reading event, resources & materials, and activity ideas.

For primary teachers there are a variety of Dr. Seuss related activities available at:

What are your plans for Read Across America Day?

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