Techy Teacher Tuesday: Offer Free PD on Your Campus

This year I decided to try something new. Frustrated by the lack of funding for professional development, I wanted to create time and space to offer fun, informal PD for the teachers on my campus. This is how Techy Teacher Tuesdays began. 

The goal was to create a fun, informal space to share ideas, best lessons and favorite web tools. I encouraged teachers to bring their lunches and a device. 

In advance of our first meeting, I created a WeJIT – a quick discussion tool – to find out what topic teachers were interested in discussing.  

Each week we cover topics ranging from collecting student information using Google forms to setting up Reminder 101 to send text alerts to students. We explore tools, like Diigo, Collaborize Classroom, and Lino, and discuss how we can use them to address the Common Core Standards

My hope is that these meetings, which fluctuate from a couple of teachers to a small a group, will become part of our school culture. I want teachers to feel empowered and supported.

With less money and resources for PD, it is crucial that we develop our own personal learning networks (PLNs) both on our campuses and online.  These lunch meetings are a refreshing change to administration or district organized professional development. We are not locked into strict agenda and teacher interest drives the process. 

I would encourage others to think about how they can create informal, bite size PD on their campus to inspire creativity, foster relationship building and cultivate camaraderie between educators. These innovative ideas have the potential to breath new life into the teaching profession! 

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  1. Gini says:

    I’m planning Media Mondays since I’m not available much on Tuesdays. So excited to begin sharing great tech ideas that are “bite size” and teachers can incorporate immediately. Besides introducing new tech or extending PD on familiar tools, I want to expand on (classroom) management of the tool or device so that teachers new to the idea will feel confident that they can do it too.

  2. Jack West says:

    Love the name, “Techy Teacher Tuesdays.” It is actually very similar to a more formal gathering we have down here on the Peninsula, “Teacher Tech Talks,” organized by Jessie Arora and her nonprofit, Teacher Square.

    I am impressed that you reserve the bandwidth to make this happen with your colleagues. I know there are many at my own school who are hungry for it. Perhaps I will soon try the same.

    Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

    • Catlin says:

      Thanks, Jack!

      I’m happy to hear your area has its own Teacher Tech Talks! It sounds like informal PD offerings are popping up all over, which is super exciting! We are connected to so much information, so it is empowering to learn and share that knowledge.

      Hope your well.


  3. I think that is great. I would also add, let’s have an eye toward re-usable or just plain asynchronous learning which we capture and allow others to re-purpose.

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