FormEmailer: Send Emails Directly from Spreadsheets

*ISTE Workshop: Transitioning to the Common Core with Google Apps – Join me!

Teachers who regularly collect information via forms or use forms to create online rubrics can send students emails directly from the spreadsheet with a script called FormEmailer. The screencast below demos how to install and use FormEmailer. 

Just remember you always want to collect the student’s:

    • Name
    • Email address

You will also want to add a column titled “Feedback” or “Comments.” This is where you will record specific feedback you want to send in the email to students. 

Quick Tip: If you want to process many emails, input the number of the line you want to start with, followed by an asterisk (i.e. 15*) and FormEmailer will process from that line to the end.

I hope this saves other teachers as much time as it has saved me! Please feel free to share your favorite script and any resources that helped you to use it!

*ISTE Workshop: Transitioning to the Common Core with Google Apps – Join me!

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19 Responses to FormEmailer: Send Emails Directly from Spreadsheets

  1. Mary D says:

    This is blowing my mind! Do you have students submit their own forms for each rubric, so that they are the ones to submit their names and email addresses?

    • Catlin says:

      Hi Mary,

      I have all of my students fill out a “student info” form at the beginning of the year with their names, class name and emails. This way their information is easy to grab whenever I need it for a form I am using to assess their individual work (i.e. essay). If I am grading a presentation as they present, then I have the group enter their info at the top of the form before they present and I complete it as I evaluate in real time.

      I cannot believe how much this simple script has changed the way I evaluate student work online. It is awesome!


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  3. Matt Cross says:


    I am new to teaching and have been looking for tech applications to use in the classroom and love what you are doing. I was wondering if you would share your 1st day of school info form with me. Thanks, and keep up the amazing work.

    Matt Cross

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  5. Gini Wozny says:

    Catlin you are amazing and a lifesaver! We just returned from break and rolled out a 1:1 Chromebook initiative. I have been using Google Docs but this has added a whole new level of learning. My fabulous principal sent me a tweet with your blog and I am thrilled with all of the help and tips you have. Thank you so much. Not only are helping me, you are inspiring me!
    I do have one question. What do you use for screencasting? It seems you only use non paid apps which is another reason I adore you!
    Thanks again,

    • Thank you, Gini.

      I’m thrilled this was helpful and timely for you. I love “just in time” professional development and resources!

      I just use the QuickTime on the Mac for my screen recordings. I have also used the Educreations iPad app which is super simple to use and free!

      Take care!


  6. Diana H. says:

    Hi Catlin!
    Thank you so much for this very helpful video tutorial! There is just one thing I don’t understand, and that is the last step that you did. After clicking “Process manually” under “Form Emailer”, what do you mean when say that you enter the “number of the row that you want to send the email to.” I don’t understand what number to put in there. How did you come up with the number “2” in your example?

    I’m sorry if this is a dumb question — I am a real newbie to this stuff! Thank you very much in advance for your time and your patience!


    • Hi Diana,

      The number is the row on the spreadsheet you want to process. If you want to send an email to every person who has submitted a response to the form, put an asterisk next to the number and every row on the spreadsheet will be processed at the same time.

      I hope that helps and makes sense!


      • Diana H says:

        Hi again Catlin,

        Thanks so much for your prompt response! I am so sorry to be slow, but there is something I still don’t understand. What do you mean about which row that I want to “process”? Basically, I when I set up the Form Emailer Settings, that is when I decide which info is sent back to the students. After that, I just want the script to send the settings I have requested to every students on the list. So I don’t see what there is to “process” at that point. I’ve already done my selecting of info, as I see it. I guess I don’t understand the word “process”, and so I don’t know what to “process” or which row to “process.”

        Thanks again so much for your help Catlin and I am sorry to bother you with these details!


        • Hi Diana,

          When I say “process,” I mean the student you want to send an email to. Each student’s information is on a separate row. If you process a row, you are sending the email to that student.

          If you click on “FormEmailer” on your spreadsheet, you will see the option to “Process manually” which is why I use that word. If you want to send everyone an email at one time then add a * in front of the first number on your spreadsheet.

          I hope that makes sense.


  7. Diana H. says:


    I finally get it! Thanks very much! I tried it and it worked, so thanks again!

    I also learned that I can use the FormEmailer with Socrative. At the end of a Socrative quiz, I request an email of the report. When I receive the emailed report, I click the “Edit with Google sheets” option to open the report. From there I can run the Form Emailer and send results to my students. However, this is not useful to me so far because in the report they receive, the students see their answer to the question, but not the question itself, so if their answer is wrong, they don’t learn why it was wrong.

    What is good about the Socrative quiz report (unlike a Google form report) is that it will provide the number of correct responses and an overall score for each student. This could be very useful in certain contexts, but in my situation, I want them to learn why it was wrong, and to do that they need to see the whole question.

    I wish the Google form had a feature where it could display the correct answer as students were answering questions, like the Socrative. Then I could post a Google form review quiz on my website, and the students could take the quiz and immediately see whether their answers were correct or not. I cannot post a Socrative quiz to my website.

    Thanks again for all your help Catlin, I do appreciate it!


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  9. Andrea McAllister says:

    Hi Caitlin,

    I hope you can still see comments left here…

    I am intrigued by your grading using FormEmailer and tried to set up my own spreadsheet. However, when I click insert, there is no “script” tab to choose on my Google excel document. Is there a pre-step I am missing as to how to install a script on my excel spreadsheet so that that script tab is an available option?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. I read your article in the January/December issue of the ASCD Educational Leadership magazine.

  10. Andrea says:

    Hi Catlin,

    thanks for this tutorial, it’s very useful.
    I have just one problem: i’d like to send the form’s response to 3 emails but every address is receiving a lot of the same email. Where is the problem in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Andrea,

      I can no longer use FormEmailer because Google updated my Google Sheets to the new version 🙁

      I am not sure why that is happening and, unfortunately, cannot try to replicate it on my end to help. I used to just put in multiple emails separated by a comma.


  11. Scott W says:

    Catlin – I use formemailer as a quick way to send feedback to my students, but instead of typing their email addresses in manually, I want to be able to select them from a dropdown list. Only downside to doing this is that my student gmails are using their student ID number, and there is no easy way to ID which email belongs to which student without typing their name next to the numbered email address – is there a way to add student names with the corresponding email address on the dropdown menu? I am getting an error message because the students name and email address are not being recognized as a valid email address. The format I’ve seen from other forms is like this – “Jim Smith ::” Is there a special way to type in the student name and email address that formemailer will recognize as a valid email address?

    • Hi Scott,

      I am going to throw this out for other teachers to respond to since I have not used FormEmailer since the new Google Sheets were released a couple of years ago and I was forced to switch over. Hopefully, someone else will be able to answer this for you!

      Take care.

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