Favorite Mobile Apps #1: Google Search (+Lesson Ideas)

The Google Search app is the first app I recommend my students download onto their devices. It is simple, yet versatile. Students can research topics, find images, scan QR codes and search using voice commands.

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The Common Core Standards mention research repeatedly. College and career ready students must be able to “tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently.” This requires practice. The Google Search app is our go-to app for research in my classroom.

Ideas for using the Google Search app with your students:

1.  Make your students the experts! Don’t lecture. Instead, challenge students to find, evaluate, and share information.

2.  Use QR codes to create learning stations, web quests, or virtual field trips. Students can use their Google Search app to scan the QR codes to complete the activities.

3.  Crowdsource information with devices and tap into the collective intelligence in your classroom.

4.  Flip argument and research writing. Present information on how to write a research paper or argument essay at home, then allow students to complete the actual research and writing in the classroom. This creates opportunities for students to collaborate in real time and get one-on-one help as they write. (More on teaching argument writing.

5.  Ask your students to grapple with real world issues. Present students with a real world dilemma, crisis or challenge. As them to research in collaborative groups to investigate the topic presented and to design a real world solution.

Are you using the Google Search app with students? If so, post a comment and share your ideas for using Google Search in your classroom.

More of my favorite apps to come!


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2 Responses to Favorite Mobile Apps #1: Google Search (+Lesson Ideas)

  1. Sara mooney says:

    Hi there, I am currently teaching 4th grade and incorporating Google into my classroom. I have been to CUE and have been asked to give a basics training class along with another teacher. One of our brand new IT ladies emailed me and wants my entire presentation, handouts, etc. Because she is going to hold a training for classified staff. It feels weird just handing over my hours of work on my presentation . Can I get your opinion on this?

    • Hi Sara,
      That’s a hard situation. I’ve been put in the same position several times. I’ve usually shared resources and asked that the presenter give me credit and add a slide with my Twitter handle and blog URL. Ultimately, I want as many people to benefit from my work as possible, but it’s still tough to hand over your work.

      You should feel comfortable saying yes or no to the person requesting your materials. They’re your ideas and it’s your work so it’s your decision.

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