My Favorite Mobile Apps #2: Socrative (+Lesson Ideas)

Socrative is a student response app I use almost daily with students for a multitude of tasks. Students can download the student app and teachers can download the teacher app. Both are free and easy to use.

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Ideas for using the Socrative app with your students:

1.  Begin class with a warm up question or problem for students to solve. You can preload questions into Socrative or write a question on the board for students to answer using Socrative.

2.  Check for understanding by asking students to explain a concept in their own words using the short answer question type.

3.  Brainstorm ideas and project the stream of ideas shared via Socrative onto the board.

4.  Play a review game with “Space Race” option. The Space Race turns a quiz into a game adding a competitive component students love. Each group is assigned a colored rocket ship that moves forward as each group answers questions correctly.

5. Facilitate icebreakers at the start of the semester to encourage students to get to know one another and provide you with interesting information about your students. On the first day of school, I put students in groups and had them take a pop culture quiz. They had so much fun that many of the new students forgot to be nervous or shy!

6. Collect student information with a quick quiz. Collect their names, emails, phone numbers, language spoken at home, etc. and that information can be saved in an Excel spreadsheet for future reference.

7. Access previous knowledge and find out what your students already know before beginning a unit. Ask a series of questions to assess knowledge or use Socrative to administer a classic K-W-L activity.

8. Give a reading quiz or pop quiz with preloaded questions. You can watch the “Live Results” and know instantly whether students understand the material. If not, you know what needs to be retaught.

9. Design questions with images attached to create quizzes or review games with a visual component. Science teachers can ask students to identify parts of a cell, art teachers can ask questions about artwork, and history teachers can ask geography questions.

10. End class with exit tickets to find out which students are feeling confident and who needs additional support and scaffolding.

Are you using the Socrative app with students? If so, post a comment and share your ideas for using Socrative in your classroom.

More of my favorite apps to come!


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  2. Roseanne Welte says:

    I love Socrative – I use it for Exit and Entrance tickets – You gave me some more ways to use it in the Future – Thank you!

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