5 Strategies to Help You Rethink Research

The word research appears 80 times in the English language arts section of the Common Core Standards. It’s clear the ability to find, evaluate and apply information is a crucial life skill. However, in many classes research is relegated to the research paper–a formidable piece of writing that most students do not enjoy.

When I work with teachers, I encourage them to think beyond the research paper. Students need to engage with information on a regular basis if they are to gain the skills needed to find and use information effectively.

Here are 4 ways I incorporate research into my classroom:



A Google a Day – Gamify research and engage students.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.30.43 PM


Got Credibility – Teach students how to evaluate online resources.

Got Credibility


Infographics – Mix research and media to create compelling visuals.



Crowdsourcing – Shift students from passive receivers to active generators of information.



Instagram Scavenger Hunts with Fun Facts – Create an instagram scavenger hunt and challenge students to pair facts with their images.


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Post a comment and share your favorite strategies for teaching research in your classroom!

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10 Responses to 5 Strategies to Help You Rethink Research

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  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Catlin,

    I am in your class right now and working on implementing all your great ideas about research. I was wondering if you have a blog or lessons on how to annotate articles.


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  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks! I bought your book last week so hopefully it will arrive soon!

  6. Pam Quiros says:

    Hi Catlin,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas on this blog. You have helped me change the way I present information to my students. I’m wondering if you do any collaborating with your school’s Library Media Teacher on these types of research lessons. If so, can you share a little about your process?


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