Wunderlist: Helping Students Stay Organized

I work with teenagers so organization (or the lack thereof) is always an issue. In a blended learning model where online and offline tasks are blended together, students frequently struggle to keep track of everything. In an effort to support my organizationally challenged students, I regularly introduce strategies and technology tools that I hope will help. Enter: Wunderlist!

Wunderlist is a free app that allows the user to:

  • compile and share “to do” lists
  • create folders
  • set reminders and due dates
  • make notes
  • use hashtags to organize information

When I mentioned that I used Wunderlist and found it really helpful, one of my students, Abbey, said she also used it and loved it. She volunteered to design a station to guide her peers through using Wunderlist. Click on the image below to view her slide deck.

If you have favorite strategies and/or tech tools to help students stay organized, please share them!

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6 Responses to Wunderlist: Helping Students Stay Organized

  1. Scott Marsden says:

    Please complement your student on her slide deck. I found it very well designed with a minimal amount of text.
    I’m sharing Wunderlist will all of my classes.

  2. Eric Ebert says:

    Tell Abbey well done! I work for the developers of Zenkit. Would she be interested in testing it out and letting me know what she thinks? Or even better, your whole class?

    We’re trying to see how classrooms could use it, so any feedback would be very helpful.

    Cheers, Eric

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