Our students are inundated with media, but how many of them are able to differentiate between a news article and an opinion piece or recognize bias in the media? I would argue this is a critical skill we need to be teaching in schools to ensure that our students develop the skills necessary to be informed consumers of media.

NewseumED, a free online resource, is committed to cultivating the First Amendment and media literacy skills they believe are critical to participating in civic life. NewseumED is committed to helping students “learn how to authenticate, analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources” and supporting teachers in putting “current events in historical context through standards-aligned lesson plans, videos, primary sources, virtual classes, and programs.”

The Fact Finder: Your Foolproof Media Literacy Guide has 11 separate multimedia lessons designed using the 5 E’s constructivist instructional model. Students are asked to: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. These lessons are cross-curricular, standards-aligned, and includes video instruction, instructions, materials, downloadable resources, discussion questions.

I appreciate how easy NewseumED makes it to teach students to think critically about the media. The lessons introduce students to specific strategies they can use when they encounter media to assess its credibility, evaluate the level of bias present in the media, and counter their own biases when encountering information online.

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