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Personal Question Produces Surprising Results

Last night I was reading some of my students responses to the online discussion question that I posted. I asked them, “Are you happy?” This is a more personal question than I usually post on my Collaborize Classroom site, but it directly connected to Fahrenheit 451. Continue reading

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Powerful Peer Editing Online

realized that students need feedback throughout the writing process if they are going to be successful. However, with six classes and a total of 164 students it is physically impossible for me to edit each stage of the writing process. This has left me feeling frustrated in the past because peer editing never seems to yield quality results. Continue reading

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Beginning a blog…

Blogging is a phenomenon that I have only now, after years of reading blogs written by other people, decided to embrace. I always assumed that I would not have the time to blog and even if I did, who would … Continue reading

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