As I planned my lesson for today, I identified three specific tasks I wanted my students to complete over the course of our 90 minute block period. I knew they would work at different rates, and I wanted […]
When I work with school districts shifting to blended learning, I often train teachers on the station rotation model and the flipped classroom. Both of these strategies for blending face-to-face and online learning work well for teachers in a traditional […]
By using a blended learning model, teachers can use an online learning platform, online discussions, and/or work online to complement classrooms and save time, money and engage students.
Chapter One: What is Blended Learning? Chapter Two: Why Was I So Afraid of Technology? I was hesitant to embrace an online discussion platform for a host of reasons. First, I do not consider myself technologically savvy, so […]
MindShift, KQED’s education and technology online publication written by Tina Barseghian, has become one of my favorite sites for information and commentary on education and technology.  It is in its infancy – only four months old –  but […]
The term “blended learning” seems shrouded in mystery. In talking with colleagues it has become clear that very few know what blended learning is. In fact, my principal asked me to define the term for him just last […]
In the last two years, I have had more of these moments with students than in all of my previous years of teaching. The difference? Blended learning.
Innovation is the ability to create that which is not yet created, to lead a new path beyond the norm, to stretch past what is comfortable to discover knowledge and inspire others.
In her article, "Effective Classroom Discussions," Selma Wassermann identifies a key conflict in the classroom: the race against the clock to cover curriculum versus to desire to give students a voice in class discussions. She accurately depicts the frustration, impatience and fear that many teachers face when attempting to incorporate dynamic discussions into their classrooms.
As I finish my I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings unit, I am reminded of why I teach this beautiful autobiography despite the controversy that always surrounds this title. A small group of parents always object because […]