Personalize your learning journey

Teachers must be the lead learners in the classroom! I’ve developed a collection of courses you can choose from to personalize your learning journey. My courses are hands-on and practice-based. 

Each course includes: 

  • Video instruction
  • Templates
  • Online resources
  • Action items or “your turns” are designed to help you take what you are learning and implement it.

Research has established a clear connection between teachers’ feelings of self-efficacy, their level of engagement at work, and their job satisfaction. My courses strive to help teachers develop confidence in navigating flexible teaching and learning landscapes.

NEW: The Flipped Classroom Model

Explore how teachers can create more time and space for the human side of teaching by transferring the information they would present the same way to everyone online using video. Then they can spend their precious class time facilitating learning!

Station Rotation Mini-course

This advanced blended and online learning Explore how the Station Rotation Model can help you create more opportunities to work directly with small groups of students, individualize scaffolding and support, differentiate instruction, move feedback into the classroom, and allow students to control the pace of their learning.

Getting Started with Blended & Online Learning

This course guides teachers through the process of designing and facilitating dynamic, student-centered blended and online learning experiences. 

Advancing with Blended & Online Learning

This advanced blended and online learning course provides teachers with a deep dive into planning and facilitating learning for a variety of teaching and learning landscapes.

UDL & Blended Learning For All Students

This in-depth course unites the adaptability of Universal Design for Learning with the flexibility of blended learning, equipping educators with the tools they need to create relevant, authentic, and meaningful learning pathways to meet students where they’re at, no matter the time, place, and point of progress. 

Blended Learning Coaching Course

This course will provide coaches with a clear path, or coaching cycle, they can use to support teachers and maximize the impact of coaching. In addition, this course will help coaches develop a higher-level understanding of blended learning, so they feel more confident coaching teachers in designing and facilitating learning to combine active, engaged learning online and offline.