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ClassroomQ: Streamline Questions & Provide Personalized Support

Blended learning models afford teachers the time and space in class to work side-by-side with students. As a teacher works with a single student or a small group, other students will inevitably hit bumps and have questions that require the … Continue reading

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Internet Archive: Go Back in Time with the Wayback Machine

Students rely on Google searches for a lot of their information. Much of the information they find online is from tertiary sources that have digested and distilled information from primary and secondary sources. This tertiary information is often bland. Instead … Continue reading

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Do What Lights You Up This Year!

The new year inspires reflection and resolutions. We take stock of the last twelve months noting the highs and the lows. We may have regrets about opportunities we did not pursue, projects we didn’t get to, students we could not … Continue reading

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