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Math Journals: Adaptive Software + A Metacognitive Practice

An increasing number of school districts are investing in adaptive math software–online programs that adjust to the learner’s individual performance. The benefit of adaptive software is that it allows students to engage in personalized practice. As a blended learning coach, I … Continue reading

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Google Classroom Comment Bank vs. Setting Your Preferences in Google Docs

I was excited in August when Google Classroom got an upgrade. The feature I was most excited about was the Google Classroom comment bank. Two year ago, I decided I was all done taking grading home and moved all feedback and assessment … Continue reading

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Cultivating Communities of Practice

By Tim Seavey and Catlin Tucker A Community of Practice (CoP) is a branch within social learning theory that resides within the constructivism paradigm. A CoP is a social system and defined as a group of individuals who share a … Continue reading

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