Before technology, I was so disillusioned with the teaching profession I remember thinking, “Have I chosen the wrong career?” When I began to experiment with technology, my reality as a teacher changed so dramatically that now I cannot imagine doing any other job!

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  1. Catlin,
    Thank you for your honesty in this post. I know from my own experiences that moving to a blended/flipped classroom has impacted me deeply. My own students tell me that I care more about them compared to their other teachers because I am now able to spend more individual time with them.

  2. Catlin,
    Thanks a lot for sharing your own experience and knowledge. The more I learn about ICTs the more I want to teach. Nowadays we have lots of interesting tools to help and build knowledge to our students
    My best wishes, thanks a lot again and I like saying to my students: Lots of luck in the Art of life! (… and teaching too)

  3. This is great! I never had thought about online classroom discussions before and I like that it seems it could be a way to get my students who do not usually speak up in class to voice their opinions or ideas! What is your opinion on using the “Bring Your Own Device” idea that allows students to bring in their technology from home to use in class?

  4. Catlin,
    Yes!! I love how you explain this change in your career. I started with online discussion in my Film Study class about 4 years ago and was absolutely amazed and how much kids, who rarely spoke up in class, had to say! It was an epiphany of sorts, and now I try to blend my learning as much as possible. Thank you for sharing your voice. I am loving your book -already so helpful!!

    • Yay, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my book, Becca! It sounds like we went through a similar journey. I, too, could not believe what some of my quieter students were willing to share online. Their posts were so insightful and interesting. It was amazing to hear every voice in my class as opposed to just a select few willing to share.

      Take care.

  5. My selective mute daughter uses technology to communicate to her teachers. she loves technology and has become so involved with technology learning and finds creative interest with it that her last yr 5th grade teacher interested her in. Hee Christmas list this yr is things she wants to create n learn with she wants a makey and thr sphero. she already said she wants a career that involves technology. making. video. games or toys with a 3 d printer she 11

  6. In ’09 a book was removed from my curriculum by the school board after a highly charged and emotional debate. I’d been teaching for almost 20 years prior and had never before had trouble of that kind nor had my professional judgement and care for my students so challenged. After it was over, I thought I had moved on, resigned, but relatively no worse for wear…until your closing keynote at the eLearning Symposium in Costa Mesa earlier this month. While listening, a lot of what I had heard that weekend came into focus for me and for the first time in half a dozen years I was suddenly excited–here were new tools for and, more importantly, a new way to see my role as a teacher. While I’ve had some low times, I did not believed I had ever been tempted to quit my beloved profession. During your key note, however, I realized there are more ways to give up and quit than the obvious. Thanks for not quitting, soldering on and sharing what you found along the way. I am now excitedly looking forward to my final years in the profession as some of my most satisfying and most productive. Cheers!

  7. I feel exactly the same way you verbalized. I just bought your book and I can’t wait to try this new method!

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