Last spring, Katrina Schwartz from MindShift spent two days in my classroom recordings students at work and interviewing me, my teaching partner, students, and parents for this podcast about N.E.W. School.

In this 21 minute podcast, Schwarts articulates what drove my desire to experiment with a new approach to teaching and learning, while highlighting the challenges, doubt, and pushback we’ve faced trying to change the status quo at a big public high school.

A project-based, student-driven, and technology-infused program like N.E.W. School may not be a perfect fit for every student, but I like that it gives students another option.

I’m excited that educators who have read my blog and heard about my different approaches to teaching and assessing can get a little window into my program via this podcast!

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  1. Catlin, I love seeing both reflection and self assessment in your work. These are such empowering skills that easily get mixed up with self evaluation. Grades indeed kill self assessment and maintain the destructive self-critic, what’s-wrong-with-you inner critic.

    When the self talk shifts to what’s-right-with-my-performance-and-what-can-I-improve then true power to self grow is unleashed! Thank you!

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