On Your Feet Guide to The Station Rotation Model

Teachers plan on the go! As much as I enjoy reading books that help me to push my practice forward, I appreciate having quick and easy resources I can reference in the classroom. I have distilled the most important information about designing and implementing a station rotation lesson into a 6-page laminated guide for teachers who want a quick and easy resource.

My On Your Feet Classroom Guide to the Station Rotation Model for teachers is now available through Corwin! The guide includes:

  • An introduction to the Station Rotation Model and a visual with ideas for how to use the teacher-led, online, and offline stations.
  • A step-by-step explanation about how to plan a station rotation lesson.
  • An example station rotation lesson.
  • A link to an online template that teachers can use to create their own lessons.
  • Tips for maximizing the the teacher-led station by moving feedback and assessment into the classroom.
  • Strategies for grouping students and keeping track of groups.
  • A list of common challenges and creative solutions to address those challenges.
  • Helpful hints and best practices for teachers just getting started!

As we approach the end of another school year, I will be giving away several free copies. If you are on Twitter, keep an eye open for a chance to win!

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