In the book, Blended Learning in Action, my co-authors (Tiffany Wycoff and Jason Green) and I created the PAACC Hallmarks of Effective Practice as a guide to ensure that blended learning puts students at the center of learning and helps them to develop future-ready skills. We think of the PAACC framework as a compass so that as we implement blended practices, we are not focused on the models or tools but rather the “why” behind blended learning.

Tiffany and the LINC team recently shared a PAACC Playbook to help teachers put PAACC practices into action in the classroom. The 27-page free PAACC playbook is a resource designed to help transform classrooms into student-centered, innovative learning spaces that meet the needs of today’s students. 

The Playbook contains a rich set of resources, strategies, and suggested tools aligned to each area of the PAACC hallmarks of effective and innovative instructional practices: Personalization, Agency, Authenticity, Connectivity, and Creativity (PAACC). 

By aligning lessons and project units to the PAACC framework, teachers can implement learning experiences with the confidence that they are hitting the personalization target. Get a free copy at

I know Tiffany, Jason and the rest of the team at LINC would love to hear your feedback! Feel free to email them at or connect with them on Twitter @linc_PD to share your thoughts.

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