Coaching provides teachers with personalized support as they cultivate the mindset, skill set, and tool set needed to navigate the fluid nature of the pandemic. As challenging as the last two years have been, they’ve presented a unique opportunity to reimagine the way teachers design and facilitate learning. 

This course offers instructional coaches, administrators, TOSAs, and teacher leaders:

  • A blended learning coaching framework to guide your work.
  • Video instruction on coaching strategies and blended learning models.
  • Strategies, templates, and resources to support implementation.
  • Personalized feedback from me on your model lessons.
  • Synchronous sessions and online discussions that connect you with coaches all over the world!

Registration is now open for the spring blended learning coaching cohort! Limit 100 participants in each cohort!

A System to Support Change: The Blended Learning Coaching Cycle

Learn how to maximize the impact of coaching! This 10-week blended learning coaching course is grounded in a coaching cycle designed to guide your work with teachers. It provides a clear system of support as teachers move from whole group teacher-led lessons to blended learning.

 “I always appreciate systems and processes–so organizing around the instructional coaching process and offering a continuum of blended learning approaches really resonated with me.” 

Video Instruction, Coaching Resources, and Lesson Templates

Learn at your own pace! Each self-paced, online module includes video instruction on the different parts of the coaching cycle and the various blended learning models. The video instruction is paired with coaching strategies, resources, lesson templates, and action items to help participants apply their learning. You will have ongoing access to these learning modules after you’ve completed the course!

“The content was super engaging and offered practical examples for implementation. The resources are super helpful as well for implementing the coaching model with schools.”

Live Synchronous Sessions 

Connect with a community of coaches! The course includes two 2-hour synchronous online sessions. Participants explore, discuss, and collaborate during these live sessions, digging into topics and strategies presented in the self-paced online modules.

‘I really liked the live lessons…It was cool being able to chat with a teacher in Vancouver whose parents are German and who was raised in France. So cool!”

“My favorite part of the course was the synchronous sessions where I was able to engage with Dr. Tucker and educators from all over the country. I was able to expand my learning horizons and engage with perspectives that I never considered before.” 

Participate in Discussions and Receive Feedback

Participants have access to a Google Classroom where they can engage in asynchronous discussions each week. They can also submit their model lessons for feedback from me. 

Earn Your Blended Learning Coaching Course Certificate!

Each participant who completes the course will earn a blended learning coaching course certificate. 

Register for the Summer Cohort 

Registration is now open for the summer cohort! The course is limited to 100 participants and runs from June 6-August 12.

7 Responses

  1. I absolutely love your content, but I can’t afford any of the classes you offer. Unless your bring your prices down, I’ll never be able to take any of your classes. We are teachers, you know we are not paid crazy amounts of money, yet your course prices are set as though we are all in a top paying bracket.

    • Hi Connor,

      I understand the cost for those comprehensive courses may be prohibitive for individual teachers. I am currently working on developing bite-sized content that is more affordable. That way, individual teachers paying out of pocket can access training on the various blended learning models. I’m hoping to have those ready to release by early spring.

      Take care.

    • Hi Marie,

      As promised, I’m releasing my first mini-course on the station rotation model on Monday! I am planning to roll a new one out every 2-3 weeks through summer.


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