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4 Strategies Designed to Drive Metacognitive Thinking

Metacognition is defined as thinking about one’s thinking or learning. More formally, “metacognition was originally referred to as the knowledge about and the regulation of one’s cognitive activities in learning processes” (Veenman, Van Hout-Wolters, & Afflerbach, 2006, p.3). Too often students receive information, receive … Continue reading

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Faster Feedback: Create Editing Shortcuts in Google Docs

Since I published “Stop Taking Grading Home,” I’ve had a ton of teachers ask me how I am able to give feedback on Google Docs so quickly. I give real-time feedback to ~8 students in a 25-minute station. It definitely … Continue reading

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Ditching Traditional Grades & My Online Grade Book

Last year, I began experimenting with standards-based grading and wrote a blog titled “Grading for Mastery and Redesigning My Gradebook.” My goal was to shift the conversation away from the accumulation of points and, instead, focus on the development of … Continue reading

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