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Power Up Blended Learning: A Professional Learning Infrastructure to Support Sustainable Change

The days and weeks leading up to a new school year are exciting. Teachers return energized, refreshed and ready to tackle another year. To capitalize on this energy, most school districts organize mandatory professional development opportunities for teachers designed to … Continue reading

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Combatting a Culture of Learned Helplessness

I led a training last week on blended learning and asked teachers to brainstorm the biggest challenges they face in the classroom. One answer resonated with me. “Learned helplessness.” On my drive home, I kept mentally returning to this phrase. … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street – Day 20: Are Your Students Talking About It?

The Occupy Wall Street protest is celebrating day 20 and is sparking similar protests across the country with thousands of people organizing and demonstrating to get the attention of Washington. Get your students talking about the issues at the heart … Continue reading

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