Recently, a teacher posted a comment to my blog lamenting that direct instruction consumed much of the class period. Like many, this teacher felt intense pressure to teach the standards and wasn’t sure how to embrace Universal Design […]
Feedback is how students feel seen and supported. It is also how we communicate to our students that we value the process over the product. When we give feedback as students work, we signal that the work they […]
My children love “would you rather” questions. Would you rather go to the beach or the snow? Would you rather eat a cookie or a brownie? Would you rather watch a movie or read a book? They enjoy […]
Shakespeare’s plays are a staple in high schools across the country. Unfortuntately, when most students hear the name “Shakespeare” they react with a mixture of dread and anxiety. They worry they won’t “get it” and chances are they […]
Using an online component to complement in-class work makes it much easier to facilitate meaningful group work. Prior to adopting and integrating online discussions, I struggled to facilitate group work that really worked. When facilitating group work in […]
This morning I had a conversation with a fellow teacher. When I asked how she was doing, she said she was “fighting the Back-to-School blues.” With 9 years of teaching and back-to-schools under my belt I both identified […]
Excerpt from my Blended Learning Book. Chapter 12: English Teaching English has been my passion for nine years, but it also presents a variety of challenges. The grading load became overwhelming as my total student load of freshman […]
I am excited to announce my FREE professional development course begins on May 2, 2011! How to Engage Students Online, Increase Participation, & ImproveDiscussions To sign up click here: During this 4-week online professional development course, I will […]
My blended learning book for secondary teachers continues… Every teacher has experienced the sinking feeling that accompanies a moment in second semester when a student in his or her class does not know the name of another student […]
Shakespearean “Insult” Sonnet: Your Opportunity to Put Shakespeare’s Words to Your Deepest, Darkest Thoughts! Write an original sonnet for someone or something you wish to insult using language from Shakespeare’s day and age. This can be a character […]
My blended learning book for secondary teachers continues… Many teachers fear that adopting an online discussion platform will increase instead of decrease their workload. The trick is to use online work to replace and improve what you already […]
Choosing the right online learning platform for your particular needs is a critical to adopting a blended learning model that will work for you long-term. Before getting into pedagogy and application, I want to review just a few […]