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As I planned my lesson for today, I identified three specific tasks I wanted my students to complete over the course of our 90 minute block period. I knew they would work at different rates, and I wanted […]
When I work with school districts shifting to blended learning, I often train teachers on the station rotation model and the flipped classroom. Both of these strategies for blending face-to-face and online learning work well for teachers in a traditional […]
I am excited to announce my FREE professional development course begins on May 2, 2011! How to Engage Students Online, Increase Participation, & ImproveDiscussions To sign up click here: During this 4-week online professional development course, I will […]
My blended learning book for secondary teachers continues… Every teacher has experienced the sinking feeling that accompanies a moment in second semester when a student in his or her class does not know the name of another student […]
Shakespearean “Insult” Sonnet: Your Opportunity to Put Shakespeare’s Words to Your Deepest, Darkest Thoughts! Write an original sonnet for someone or something you wish to insult using language from Shakespeare’s day and age. This can be a character […]
Discussions are an essential part of the learning process because they facilitate collective construction of knowledge. Helen Elmendorf and John Ottenhoff stress in their essay, The Importance of Conversation in Learning and the Value of Web-based Discussion Tools, […]