When I work with school districts shifting to blended learning, I often train teachers on the station rotation model and the flipped classroom. Both of these strategies for blending face-to-face and online learning work well for teachers in a traditional […]
By using a blended learning model, teachers can use an online learning platform, online discussions, and/or work online to complement classrooms and save time, money and engage students.
This is an excerpt from a chapter in my blended learning book (in progress) on flipping instruction using online discussions. In the traditional classroom delivery of content takes place within the walls of the classroom and homework is […]
This year I have been working towards transitioning my students into the role of teacher. I wanted them to feel confident in their ability to design interesting and dynamic questions, facilitate both in-class and online discussions, and guide […]
Soapbox: Top 10 Challenges of Blended Learning “Blended learning is here to stay, but to be successful, trainers first must address a variety of technical, organizational, and instructional design challenges.” Jennifer Hofmann explores the following 10 challenges presented […]
Blended learning is the solution that offers the best mix of traditional and online learning.
Blended Learning: Best of Both Worlds. A Teacher’s Guide to Doing It All Better with Online Discussions! Chapter 11: Effectively Differentiate Instruction with Online Discussions Differentiation is a “hot topic” in education. Differentiated instruction “is the practice of […]
I am excited to announce my FREE professional development course begins on May 2, 2011! How to Engage Students Online, Increase Participation, & ImproveDiscussions To sign up click here: https://student.gototraining.com/88z4y/catalog/3226833864089172224 During this 4-week online professional development course, I will […]
Below is an excerpt from Chapter 10 in my newest book Blended Learning in Grades 4-12. Chapter 10: Art of Asking Questions Successful conversations begin with dynamic questions. Asking the “right” kind of question that will drive a […]
My blended learning book for secondary teachers continues… Every teacher has experienced the sinking feeling that accompanies a moment in second semester when a student in his or her class does not know the name of another student […]
Teachers begin the year by establishing clear guidelines for student behavior, fostering relationship building and creating a safe environment in their classrooms to ensure that students feel safe, supported and respected. This necessary work done in the first […]
In her article, "Effective Classroom Discussions," Selma Wassermann identifies a key conflict in the classroom: the race against the clock to cover curriculum versus to desire to give students a voice in class discussions. She accurately depicts the frustration, impatience and fear that many teachers face when attempting to incorporate dynamic discussions into their classrooms.