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Despite working on a school campus surrounded by other talented educators, it’s easy for teachers to feel isolated and disconnected. Many teachers are so busy treading water to stay on top of their workloads they don’t feel like they have the time to connect or collaborate with other teachers. However, making time to share ideas and learn from the other educators on campus or in a department can keep teachers engaged, excited, and experimenting.

When I lead workshops on the Station Rotation Model, I encourage the teachers in the training to begin a station rotation idea document. The goal is to create a shared space online where teachers can capture and share their favorite station activities and help to inspire each other.

If teachers add strategies, activities, and resources they are designing, using, and having success with to an idea document, they can create visibility about what is working. This has the potential to elevate the quality of learning that is happening across classrooms.

A simple strategy like this idea document also has the potential to lighten the load for teachers because they can borrow great ideas from one another. I know there are limited hours in a day, so it is critical that teachers create spaces to share and learn from one another.

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  1. Would you be able to share this document on Twitter and share the responses? I’d love to see others’ examples. I’m the only one in school doing blended learning.

    • Hi Cheska,

      I can start a public document that folk can comment on, but this is just a template. What is your subject area/grade level? Maybe I can start one specific to the area you teach and try to connect you with other blended teachers.


  2. Caitlin, I read in Balance with Blended learning that you created single skill rubrics for each of the common core standards. Is this something you’d be willing to share? I’m familiar with creating progressions for writing standards from our district’s self-created rubrics, but I’m a bit stumped on rephrasing the standards (I think because they don’t sound very kid-friendly).

    • Hi Lindsay,

      What grade level do you teach? I can try to share some of my rubrics so you can see how I adapted the language though I would be happy to do a sample for you at your grade level 🙂


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