Spring is testing season. Students sit through lengthy state-mandated tests, and many high school students are preparing to take the SAT. It can be an exhausting and stressful time for them.

Years ago, I recorded a collection of 30+ SAT vocabulary videos to help my students prepare for the SAT. I know many families cannot afford SAT preparation courses or tutors, so I wanted to create resources and practice activities that would build students’ confidence as they prepared to take the SAT.

The newest version of the SAT does not have the same emphasis on vocabulary as previous versions of the test. In her article titled “262 SAT Vocab Words You Must Know,” Hannah Muniz describes how vocabulary is tested, details the types of questions students will encounter on the SAT, and highlights 262 words that are worth learning before students sit down to take the SAT.

In an effort to help students to master these 262 words, I have begun recording a new series of high-frequency words for the new SAT that I hope will provide students with another resource they can use to learn vocabulary. I have also created a Quizlet set of review activities students can use to practice each set of words.

High-Frequency Vocabulary for the New SAT #1


High-Frequency Vocabulary for the New SAT #2


High-Frequency Vocabulary for the New SAT #3


High-Frequency Vocabulary for the New SAT #4


High-Frequency Vocabulary for the New SAT #5


If your students find these useful, I’ll be adding more videos with Quizlet review activities to the High-Frequency Vocabulary for the New SAT playlist on my YouTube channel. I am also working on an SAT prep playlist for teachers. I’ll share it when it is ready!

Note: I do not monetize my videos. Students will not need to sit through advertisements in order to watch the videos.

7 Responses

  1. What a great resource! Thanks for sharing!
    Any chance you might put something like this out for the ACT? : )

  2. This is solid gold! Our high school english teachers will be ALL OVER this. Thank you for creating and sharing this.

  3. Dear Tucker,

    I am currently preparing for the SAT by watching your playlist of 30+ videos since I am a non-native English speaker, your videos really helped me a lot and this newest version is definitely a lifesaver.


    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you for taking the time to write this! I am thrilled you are finding the new video series helpful. Good luck as you prepare for the SAT!

      C. Tucker

  4. I’m so glad I came across this. I hadn’t seen anything to prepare for the new SAT vocabulary so thank you very much!

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