In this episode of The Balance, I talk with Jason Green, co-author of Blended Learning in Action and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of LINC. Jason Green has dedicated his career to creating positive change in education. Jason has helped hundreds of schools and districts reimagine and implement 21st-century teaching and learning.

In this episode, Jason and I talk about how to positively change the culture on school campuses, shift from pockets of innovation to innovation at scale, move from a focus on presenting to being present, and be compassionate with ourselves. We also share our favorite binge-worthy shows!

If you are part of a professional learning community, the questions below are designed to facilitate a conversation–in person or online–about the issues discussed in this episode of The Balance. If you do not have a PLC at your school but you want to engage in an online conversation with other educators, check out my Facebook page!

  1. If you think about your school’s priorities, where do they fall in the quadrant of urgent versus important? What is your school currently prioritizing in terms of time and energy? Is building culture a priority on your campus?
  2. How can you make the shift around changing mindsets and building culture feel urgent? What behaviors over time can help your school to develop a culture that fosters innovation and student-centered learning? How can you use the TRACE acronym to think about culture building?
  3. If, in 2035, most people in the workforce may have anywhere from 10-20 jobs in their lifetimes, how should that impact the way we approach educating kids? What skills will they need to navigate this new landscape?
  4. Are there structures in place on your campus to encourage your teachers to continue learning (e.g., coaching, PLCs)? Are these structures effective and sustainable? Does the culture and structures on your campus allow teachers to be agents of change instead of objects of change?
  5. How can being compassionate with yourself impact your work? Do you feel like you spend more time in presentation mode or being present? What shifts can you make to spend more time in a compassionate and present space, whether your work with teachers or students? 
  6. What do you enjoy binge-watching when you need a brain break?

If you want to connect with Jason Green you can find him on Twitter @jasontoddgreen. If you want to learn more about LINC (Learning Innovation Catalyst), you can check out the company website here.

Thank you to StudySync for producing and sponsoring this podcast! StudySync is committed to helping teachers find balance in their lives by providing them with a robust multimedia ELA platform that simplifies lesson planning, automatically differentiates tasks for learners at different skill levels and language proficiencies, and blends online and offline engagement to help students develop as thinkers, readers, writers, and speakers.

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