A friend recently asked me, “How do you continue your own learning?” I responded, “I read a lot.” I dedicate time every morning to my professional growth by reading an article or chapter in a book. This 30-minute reading routine began as a new year’s resolution several years ago. I’ve found it so rewarding that it is a practice I’ve continued. Reading stretches my thinking about educational trends, topics, and issues. My reading regularly inspires my blogs, books, teaching, and work with educators.

This year, traditional approaches to professional development may feel daunting because teachers are spread thin due to substitute shortages and the challenges associated with returning to physical classrooms. A book club may present a more manageable, self-paced approach to professional learning. Dr. Katie Novak and I are excited to share a complete book club guide for UDL and Blended Learning: Thriving in Flexible Learning Landscapes to support teachers interested in starting the new year with a book club!

You can download a copy of the book club guide by filling out the form below. The book club guide is organized into modules that correspond to each chapter in the book. In each module, participants read the associated chapter, reflect on and discuss the questions at the end of the chapter, and choose one of the resources to explore further. This book club guide aims to help you put what you are learning as you read into practice. The guide provides a clear structure to ensure your participation in the book club is positive and productive!

If you have a group of 10+ teachers interested in a book club using UDL and Blended Learning, you can request a bulk order at a discounted rate.

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  1. Throughout the pandemic, I have been following Dr. Caitlin and look forward to using the bookclub resources with colleagues at my community college.

  2. I look forward to reading the book with the guide on hand. I have read the book once already.

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